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“Go Virtual Go Global” is our motto by the creation of your virtual (intelligence) workplace and workstation.

The Virtual Office Maastricht is a business platform for entrepreneurs and consists of a strong team of partners. We inform and advise entrepreneurs about all the possibilities around the national and International business. These are issues such as the establishment of an enterprise, the management and policy, or optimize your tax situation and setting up your accounting. We like to think a step further than other service providers and consultants. Meanwhile over 1000 entrepreneurs are accompanied by us in this way. We do business with partners around the world and we have a large network in the accountancy world and the financial sector.

By means of an intake interview we will fully be informed about your business plan, your ideas or your wishes. This allows us then to decide how we can be of service to you. 

The virtual office and the business platform partners are interesting for almost every entrepreneur who wants to grow strong national and international. In particular the entrepreneur who produce or deliver products, or services at a distance, such as Web shops, online consultants and service providers.

There are many different reasons for choosing a virtual office, a virtual service and the business platform partners. A virtual office is much cheaper than the opening of an additional office in a new region. The business platform partners work on “one-to-many” basis and are accountants, business advisors, tax consultants and marketing specialists.

The Virtual Office Maastricht  is a 220 square meter office located in a 19th century building in the park and center of Maastricht. There are 6 office rooms available for the partners. Every partner is working with a minimum of 10 entrepreneurs, who have their own virtual office and digital communication. 

√ a postal address;
√ a registration address/registration address;
√ private telephone number including call forwarding;
√ completely legitimate and approved by the Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the Virtual Office Maastricht and the Business Platform you can contact us directly. “Therms Of Use” and “General Terms and Conditions” are available.